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Ahhh...RainbowsOkay, it’s been 3 weeks now that we’ve been back in the Caribbean. And it truly changes you.

Often, friends ask me to talk about the differences between life in the US and life in the Caribbean. I have done this in an earlier post, but only hinted at the differences that I’ve experienced at the core of my being.

Here, I can breathe.

And it’s not about the lack of pollution. It goes way deeper than that. There’s something about the energy of a place where everyone sees time and ambition differently. Things naturally slow down. There’s nothing to prove. Tomorrow is actually another day…and it’s okay to continue what you started tomorrow.

There is a comfort here that feels like stepping off the treadmill and resting.

And while you might not realize it, it’s not just your mind that changes…your body changes too. For me, one of the first things that I noticed as I calibrated to this island energy is my breathing.

It’s been 2.5 years since I left my executive role in the corporate world and started my own business. I have learned so much during this time, that I want to do a couple of posts on what it’s REALLY like to start your own business after a successful corporate career AND what it’s like to be a life coach and business coach.

Many people dream of quitting their jobs and following their dreams. Often, that includes moving to some tropical paradise, just like Joel and I did. Truth is, while it works for some, it may not be for everyone. This post will give you some ideas about whether leaving the rat race is for you.

While coaching is one of the hottest growing fields, it’s also not for everyone, so these tips can help you decide if you want to be a coach yourself and what it takes to get to that coveted six-figure coaching practice.

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    If I told you that money really does grow on trees, would you believe me? Would you put on your skeptic’s hat and call me ridiculous, over the edge, breathing too much ocean air?

    At one time, I would have done the latter – full of fear about money, thinking that I had to hang onto my job, save carefully and continue to climb the corporate ladder. In fact, I became an expert at climbing the ladder, securing the bigger paychecks – and feeling like I needed to work harder – take on more pressure – to justify my high salary.

    At some point, I began to question my path, though, as many of us often do. I’d find myself going on vacation and wishing I could just get away from it all – buy a little house somewhere and live off the land, escape. It was hard to admit that the big house, shiny cars, successful job were not fulfilling their promise.

    As many of you know, I recently returned from Carol Tuttle’s Manifesting More Money and Energy Healing 101 Seminars in Sandy, Utah recently.

    Ooops, I Did It Again
    And the funniest thing happened — you’d think I’d be used to this by now. Every time I step foot back home from one of Carol’s seminars — starting with her “Creating The Ultimate Energy Healing Bootcamp” (great for a coaching business, by the way!) — this happens. My business grew again!

    Becoming A Six Figure Coach
    In less than a year after my graduation from the International Coach Academy, I am now a six-figure coach!! I am so grateful to the International Coach Academy for the solid education I received from the amazing facilitors there.

    And I’m incredibly grateful for what I’ve learned from Carol Tuttle — because it is she who helped me create this amazing transformation in my business.

    Joel & Heather at Delicate Arch in Utah!(Note: We’re still in the US taking some classes, going to weddings, etc. We miss Saba and are starting to write again after a long hiatus — lots to tell you about the differences we are noticing being back in “the land of plenty!”)

    I thought I was – things were going so well, but I was plagued with one thing…negativity. For some reason, it kept creeping back into my life. For me, it would show up as stress, doubt and feelings of not accepting myself just as I am. The interesting thing is, I was so calm, peaceful and happy for so long – and then it happened. I started to get busy.

    Taking It Slow
    You may remember that I took the creation of my business slowly, to let go of my old workaholic ways. I created a simpler life in Saba on “island time,” learning to value peace, a slower pace and the beauty of life.

    During this time, I experienced a kind of bliss that I’d never felt before. I nurtured my business and relished being a part of the successes my clients achieved. During this time, I was also a bit scared to commit to anything that would take up my time. Time and health became my two most prized resources.

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    Running Out of Time
    Learning to slow down was difficult, but once I embraced it, I wasn’t really aware of just how afraid I was to lose time. And just how intertwined I believed my time and my health were.

    So as my business started to grow, I began to feel that old familiar stress creep back into my life. I was also surprised to see some of my old work habits slipping back in. While I kept them at bay for the most part, they were still lingering in my subconscious — chipping away at my calm, peace and health.

    Daphne Cottage on SabaJoel and I are almost fully recovered after the hacking of our virtual server. And guess what? I got a new website! A whole new look and the first wave of my new marketing content – it’s like my birthday all over again! The new website was Joel’s idea because I’ve had my eye on this design for a few months now. I think he did a great job on the design, although I know I’m biased! I still have to add some new product and service lines – including retreats in the Caribbean – right here in Saba.

    One of the things I learned from this experience is how great a team Joel and I make — he does the web design and hosting, I do the marketing. The next step is to give Joel a whole new website as well — he too, is due for one — and since his birthday is tomorrow, it will be like a present for him. Besides doing the content and marketing for his website, wait until you see what his “from Saba” birthday present is (more in tomorrow’s post)!

    A Week In Our Life – Come To Saba — We’ll Be Renting Our Cottage!
    Each retreat package will feature a week in our life — tailored with the goals you want to achieve! Joel and I are going back to the States for a couple of months in the summer for some business trips and weddings, so we decided to rent our cottage out while we are gone. Our cottage was set up as a rental when we bought it, so it’s fully stocked with all of your needs, including books, CDs and DVDs! We will still be writing this blog while gone, since we are WAY behind on the happenings of Saba and have plenty to tell you!

    Doh!Well, it happened. We got hacked. It’s pretty amazing how many people are out there waiting to put viruses into the internet world — it’s pretty sad, actually. On Friday night, Joel and I learned that a malicious virus was put onto our web server and all websites had to come down. Being the blog-obsessed person that I am, I came across the violation first as I was trying to get into our various websites.

    After asking to speak to a supervisor at GoDaddy, who provides our virtual server, we learned the cold, hard facts of hacking. Apparently, this happens at least twice a week. It can happen to anyone who has a website — and does not matter who your hosting provider is. What it means is that if you have to have your web server “repurposed,” which is kind of like wiping the hard drive of your computer clean. In laymen’s terms (for my benefit), it means your up s–t creek, without a paddle. All your work gone. All files, gone. All blog topics…gone.

    A couple of weeks ago, I attended Carol Tuttle’s Becoming A Vibrant Woman, Living, Loving and Dressing Your Truth seminar. It’s interesting to me how I found my way to this class – because on the surface, it’s not one I would have imagined myself taking. But a couple of things happened that inspired me to go – one was that since I started taking Carol’s programs, my whole life has moved to a higher level. I have found myself trusting and believing in myself more – and while I always believed in my power to create my ideal life – magical things started to happen after applying what I learned from Carol.

    On The Brink, But Not Ready To Crossover
    First of all, with all of the transitions and changes I’ve been going through, I was starting to get frustrated with myself at times. I could feel myself on the brink of a profound shift in self-love and self-acceptance, but I hadn’t taken the step over the line that would free me once and for all. After attending Carol’s Energy Healing bootcamp, I leaped over the line and magical things started happening in my life.

    Magical Happenings
    My business started to take care of itself, cleaning up the clients that weren’t ideal and bringing a whole bunch of new clients into my practice that are in complete alignment with my goals. I started to fully believe in my worth in all situations, so stating my fees and feeling confident about them became easy. I no longer questioned the successes I’d had with clients in the past – or in my career as a whole – I started to see the value I can bring to others, without the self-doubt. My business quadrupled in a month and amazingly, I filled my coaching practice and have started a waiting list of clients.

    And She's Buying a Mt. Scenery(Author’s Note: this is one of the articles that was lost after our hacking experience, so if it looks a little different, well — it is! I rewrote it and while it has the same flavor, it is actually a different article! I’m not sure if I’d call it better, just different. See what you think!)

    Well, it’s been one year after leaving my corporate job, starting my own success coaching business and moving to the Caribbean – so I figure it’s time for a few more confessions. What prompted this line of thinking was an e-mail I received from a friend (hi, Caroline!) laughingly asking me if a year ago, I could imagine that my big concerns would be food boats coming into Saba. I admit that my life here in Saba is a far cry from braving sub-zero temperatures and sitting in meeting rooms discussing the merits of global human resources outsourcing! Another friend from my former employer (hi Peter!), suggested I describe my new life by writing something like “I used to…and now I.” Now I really liked this idea, but haven’t been witty enough to create snappy sound bites, so I’ll describe the changes in my own way.

    Caribbean Corner OfficeHow many of us have tried to work at home and not been productive — or think it’s a challenge to be productive? The things I usually hear as challenges for working at home are all those seductive things you could be doing other than working. Television, laundry & other personal activities, exercise, going outside and just enjoying the day, eating (a beckoning refrigerator) and noise or interruptions from others who may be home (kids, spouse, etc.). Joel and I have learned several things about working at home effectively and we’d like to share them with you — and get your ideas!

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