Experiment: DIY

Ahhh...RainbowsOkay, it’s been 3 weeks now that we’ve been back in the Caribbean. And it truly changes you.

Often, friends ask me to talk about the differences between life in the US and life in the Caribbean. I have done this in an earlier post, but only hinted at the differences that I’ve experienced at the core of my being.

Here, I can breathe.

And it’s not about the lack of pollution. It goes way deeper than that. There’s something about the energy of a place where everyone sees time and ambition differently. Things naturally slow down. There’s nothing to prove. Tomorrow is actually another day…and it’s okay to continue what you started tomorrow.

There is a comfort here that feels like stepping off the treadmill and resting.

And while you might not realize it, it’s not just your mind that changes…your body changes too. For me, one of the first things that I noticed as I calibrated to this island energy is my breathing.

Family Deli Bakery in The Bottom!Ever dreamed of starting your own restaurant? A well-established restaurant is for sale in Saba! The Family Deli Bakery is well-known for it’s comfortable, casual atmosphere and delicious, affordable food. It is located in The Bottom, Saba’s capital township, where Saba University is located. Imagine all the hungry students? We’ve seen them on Friday’s, which is “lobster night” at Family deli. For $10.00, you get a large half-lobster and all the fixings, which packs them in wall-to-wall.

Joel & Heather at Delicate Arch in Utah!(Note: We’re still in the US taking some classes, going to weddings, etc. We miss Saba and are starting to write again after a long hiatus — lots to tell you about the differences we are noticing being back in “the land of plenty!”)

I thought I was – things were going so well, but I was plagued with one thing…negativity. For some reason, it kept creeping back into my life. For me, it would show up as stress, doubt and feelings of not accepting myself just as I am. The interesting thing is, I was so calm, peaceful and happy for so long – and then it happened. I started to get busy.

Taking It Slow
You may remember that I took the creation of my business slowly, to let go of my old workaholic ways. I created a simpler life in Saba on “island time,” learning to value peace, a slower pace and the beauty of life.

During this time, I experienced a kind of bliss that I’d never felt before. I nurtured my business and relished being a part of the successes my clients achieved. During this time, I was also a bit scared to commit to anything that would take up my time. Time and health became my two most prized resources.

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Running Out of Time
Learning to slow down was difficult, but once I embraced it, I wasn’t really aware of just how afraid I was to lose time. And just how intertwined I believed my time and my health were.

So as my business started to grow, I began to feel that old familiar stress creep back into my life. I was also surprised to see some of my old work habits slipping back in. While I kept them at bay for the most part, they were still lingering in my subconscious — chipping away at my calm, peace and health.

Take this adrenaline quiz to see if you are living a high-stress lifestyle, which can negatively impact your health. You might be surprised at some of the things you learn! Want to share your findings? Let us know.

Studies show that turning off the TV at least an hour before going to bed can lead to a better night’s sleep. As much as we love TV, it is stimulating and wakes the body and mind up at a time when you want to start winding down.

Try this experiment for just one night and see what happens. If you like it, you may want to make it part of your routine – or just use it as a technique for nights before that big meeting or business trip.

How often do you listen to your own voice? If you clench your jaw or tighten your throat – or if you have soreness and tension in these areas, you may be suppressing your true voice. Headaches and migraines may also be an indicator of people pleasing – or not going with your own desires/meeting your own needs.

How often do you do what YOU want to do, regardless of what others will think? Try this experiment – I’d love to hear from you about what you found!