Joel & Heather at Delicate Arch in Utah!(Note: We’re still in the US taking some classes, going to weddings, etc. We miss Saba and are starting to write again after a long hiatus — lots to tell you about the differences we are noticing being back in “the land of plenty!”)

I thought I was – things were going so well, but I was plagued with one thing…negativity. For some reason, it kept creeping back into my life. For me, it would show up as stress, doubt and feelings of not accepting myself just as I am. The interesting thing is, I was so calm, peaceful and happy for so long – and then it happened. I started to get busy.

Taking It Slow
You may remember that I took the creation of my business slowly, to let go of my old workaholic ways. I created a simpler life in Saba on “island time,” learning to value peace, a slower pace and the beauty of life.

During this time, I experienced a kind of bliss that I’d never felt before. I nurtured my business and relished being a part of the successes my clients achieved. During this time, I was also a bit scared to commit to anything that would take up my time. Time and health became my two most prized resources.

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Running Out of Time
Learning to slow down was difficult, but once I embraced it, I wasn’t really aware of just how afraid I was to lose time. And just how intertwined I believed my time and my health were.

So as my business started to grow, I began to feel that old familiar stress creep back into my life. I was also surprised to see some of my old work habits slipping back in. While I kept them at bay for the most part, they were still lingering in my subconscious — chipping away at my calm, peace and health.

Sole Source of Energy
As a solopreneur – and a believer in the law of attraction — I realized that my own energy, health and success were heavily tied to my thoughts.

And my thoughts were starting to slide into negativity and fear. I could see the unwanted effects in my life and I wanted to swing the pendulum back to success – back to the bliss I had created in Saba.

Finding Inspiration
Carol Tuttle & Heather Fougnier in Sandy Utah!It was about this time that I had the opportunity to talk with Carol Tuttle and learn how she turned her life and business around. A master energy therapist, spiritual teacher and author, Carol inspired me so much that I signed up for her seminar: Creating the Ultimate Energy Healing Enterprise Boot Camp.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up. For example, it seemed like I might already know a lot of the things she was going to teach us: creating great websites, marketing, mistakes to avoid and how to help my clients achieve permanent results. But I figured that what I would learn about the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and energy therapy would be worth it.

New Lease On Life
Well, the seminar has changed my life! The biggest benefit was that I walked away feeling tremendous confidence and energy.

It was like Carol transferred unlimited energy and potential into each one of us in this sold out event. We learned to believe in ourselves and in our business – in our ability to thrive and to create what we wanted in our lives. All of this, plus concrete business advice, was worth it’s weight in gold.

Carol had even better answers to the things I thought I already knew, which gave me plenty of improvements to walk away with. I also learned how to use EFT and energy therapy with clients to improve their success even more.

Law Of Attraction Brings Riches
I left feeling on top of the world, not to mention rich with new contacts and friends who value law of attraction and our power to create. So what happens next?

Well, typically I leave a seminar on a high and then a few days to a week later, I’m back to where I was before I got there – looking for that next high. This time it feels different. Two weeks later, I still feel the same. How is that possible? It’s possible because of what I learned in the bootcamp – a commitment to what Carol calls “energy hygiene.”

Energy Hygiene
Energy hygiene is doing an energy routine each day – regardless of whether you feel negative or not. Even if you are in bliss, you can still do EFT and tap positive statements into your body. The idea is to be consistent – and there’s a good reason for this. At the bootcamp, I was struck by Carol’s description of why we keep getting stuck.

She said that we are the “children of old thought forms and parents of a new consciousness.” In other words, we had parents who had a reality of struggle and lack due to the circumstances of their lives – and they passed this on to us. We learned fear, lack and struggle. We learned that we had to work hard in order to make anything happen. We learned that we don’t deserve to live our dreams.

And yet, many of us are becoming aware of principles like affirmations and law of attraction – understanding that we can create our reality.

Can I Really Create My Own Reality?
If we believe we can create our reality, why do we keep getting stuck? It’s because we are stuck between the old thought forms (our past conditioning) and the new consciousness (what we want to believe).

For me, deep down inside, I figured I could climb the mountain of success – but I feared falling back down again. So I’d start out gangbusters and then fear would creep in and I’d be doing the one step forward, two steps back routine.

Sound familiar? It always seemed like those negative thoughts would be hovering, like the devil on my shoulder.

Perfect Lesson At The Perfect Time
Joel & Heather Canyonlands Park in Utah!After attending Carol’s bootcamp in Sandy, Utah (a beautiful suburb surrounded by mountains — just outside of Salt Lake City), Joel and I headed to Moab for vacation.

On my way to Moab and during the week we were there, I was not diligently waking up and practicing my energy hygiene. While that would have been ideal, not doing it taught me a good lesson.

I learned just how much negativity creeps into my thoughts. The good news is, I was paying attention this time – I mean, really paying attention.

Carol taught me to become so committed to a beautiful life, that I did EFT all over Moab.

A True Believer in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Heather at Fiery Furnace in Arches Park Utah!
I did EFT at Delicate Arch, Landscape Arch, Balanced Rock – all over the incredible Arches National Park.

I did EFT on the way to Canyonlands National Park, where we hiked the incredible Needles district and marveled at the “Planet of the Apes” rock formations. And what happened was amazing. I felt free, my body and mind relaxed and released. I let go.

Where I had been previously so tired, so uncharacteristically lacking in energy – I felt an improvement in my health. I was surprised to see that I was eating normally, rather than stuffing my emotions with food – or eating to gain energy. I felt a lightness I had been missing lately. I became a believer in EFT and energy therapy.

I finally realized, as if for the first time, the power of law of attraction.

Falling In Love With Utah
After the two weeks away, Joel and I fell in love with Utah – the high amount of sunny days, the nice people, the amazing mountains – and our first love, Moab.

It’s difficult to describe the feeling of being filled with energy from Carol’s bootcamp, and then experiencing the mountains surrounding Salt Lake City and Sandy – and seeing the unbelievable rock formations in Utah’s national parks.

It was like Carol’s lesson in releasing limitations was matched by Moab’s lesson in nature’s unlimited expression.

Heather rafting on Colorado River in Utah!Joel & Heather at Musselman Arch in Canyonlands Utah!Heather rafting on Colorado River Utah!

Law of Attraction – Effortless Allowing
This was one of the best experiences I have ever had! When I returned to my hotel room, I was able to check e-mail only periodically – and yet, I had somehow received 7 new client requests for coaching.

Without getting involved in working and worrying, I focused my energy on creating abundance and let the stress go. Even little things that I wanted, I was able to create during that week – from getting the river guide I wanted for our whitewater rafting trip to tying up loose ends with clients in the perfect way, effortlessly. I feel like I’m in a new flow.

Continuous Learning – More Inspiration
I felt so good after Carol’s bootcamp that I decided to attend her upcoming retreat: Becoming a Vibrant Woman: Living, Loving & Dressing Your Feminine Truth.

There are a couple of reasons I wanted to attend this seminar. One was because I truly believe that being around inspirational people helps align my energy with a higher vibration.

Carol and the people who attend her seminars are truly in this category – so I’m looking forward to spending 4 days experiencing the high energy of this group! But the second reason is really the one that got me.

One of the women who attended said to me, “If you attend the Vibrant Woman retreat, you’ll really know your worth.”

Transformation From the Inside Out
Heather in Arches National Park Utah!In fact, while each one of the graduates not only transformed their outer appearance, makeover style, it was the inner transformation that was the most important.

Carol’s philosophy is to be aware of all of the energy in our lives – thoughts, food, people, clothes – everything. So while I’m a shorts, T-shirt and pony-tail kind of a gal, I’m looking forward to seeing how I can align my inner and outer energy – along with learning to help others do the same.

A New Path to Loving My Life — And Making it Last!
This bootcamp was one of the best seminars I have ever attended and I am a true fan of Carol Tuttle. She’s a real-life example of how we can love our lives through quick, simple energy hygiene techniques that can be done anywhere – at home, at work, in the car – even on vacation!

The beautiful side effect was my quest for time and health — without realizing it, I gave up the quest and just found it there…in abundance.

Want To Experience Bootcamp For Yourself? Or Utah?
It’s too bad that this was Carol’s last bootcamp on Creating the Ultimate Energy Healing Enterprise. The good news is that she created a CD and DVD program of her bootcamp for people who’d like to learn what we did – and I highly recommend it for those of you who want to change your life or build your business!

And if you really want to get to Utah – maybe check out Moab – take a look at Carol’s website and click on her events . It’s a great excuse to combine self-development with the incredible experience of nature.

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