A couple of weeks ago, I attended Carol Tuttle’s Becoming A Vibrant Woman, Living, Loving and Dressing Your Truth seminar. It’s interesting to me how I found my way to this class – because on the surface, it’s not one I would have imagined myself taking. But a couple of things happened that inspired me to go – one was that since I started taking Carol’s programs, my whole life has moved to a higher level. I have found myself trusting and believing in myself more – and while I always believed in my power to create my ideal life – magical things started to happen after applying what I learned from Carol.

On The Brink, But Not Ready To Crossover
First of all, with all of the transitions and changes I’ve been going through, I was starting to get frustrated with myself at times. I could feel myself on the brink of a profound shift in self-love and self-acceptance, but I hadn’t taken the step over the line that would free me once and for all. After attending Carol’s Energy Healing bootcamp, I leaped over the line and magical things started happening in my life.

Magical Happenings
My business started to take care of itself, cleaning up the clients that weren’t ideal and bringing a whole bunch of new clients into my practice that are in complete alignment with my goals. I started to fully believe in my worth in all situations, so stating my fees and feeling confident about them became easy. I no longer questioned the successes I’d had with clients in the past – or in my career as a whole – I started to see the value I can bring to others, without the self-doubt. My business quadrupled in a month and amazingly, I filled my coaching practice and have started a waiting list of clients.

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Manifesting Abundance
Carol’s work on clearing money issues was really coming into play in my life. Money started showing up in the most unexpected places – from my business, from unexpected tax refunds, from the sudden sale of a relative’s property in the Caribbean for which we had designed a website and marketing program and more! Joel and I also set an intention for our New Hampshire house to rent for the winter season at full price, so we could move to Moab, UT all expenses paid for the winter. We weren’t sure if it would happen due to lack of marketing from the company we affiliated with – but within 1 week from setting the intention, we got a full price rental agreement! I could go on and on with great stories – the long and short of it is that money is just coming in from all over the place and I’m really trusting my ability to manifest what I choose in my life.

About The Vibrant Woman Program
Carol’s Vibrant Woman program is 4 days and the class is fairly small, limited to about 25 people. The women were amazing – it’s hard to describe what it’s like to be in a room of women who have come to discover themselves and reconnect with the feminine. Everyone was open, supportive, loving and fun to be with. Many of us were nervous about finding out and stepping into who we really were – but at the same time, ready to take the step. The feeling of taking the step together became a bonding experience unlike any I’ve had in awhile. I feel like I walked away with new friends who support me in being all of who I truly am.

Aligning With Our Energy
Over the course of the 4 days, we learned about our energy profile. Understanding our energy profile provides a great deal of insight into who we really are, how we interact with people and how people see us. We learn to be more of who we are so that we can refine our relationships with others by being in alignment with our authentic self.

What’s Appearance Got To Do With It???
Interestingly, while I’ve always believed that who we are inside is most important, I didn’t realize that many of us hide behind a whole different appearance that blocks who we are inside. In this way, we act one way and appear another. I became aware of something similar in my corporate days, when I realized that I could surprise people by my behavior, if it was different from the image I was projecting. I learned to align my image with my behavior with great success – but what I didn’t realize, was that I could have been even more effective (and enjoyed my life more) if I had first realized my true energy profile. Because I found out I was hiding. And while I was aware that I was playing a “corporate” role that wasn’t me, I didn’t realize that I was hiding behind a whole separate energy profile.

So while I became more of who I am inside when I left corporate, I went in a whole different direction…and ended up in another energy profile that was not me, safely hiding still. At Carol’s seminar, I found out who I really am and it scared me a bit. My energy profile is one that is meant to stand out in appearance with bold makeup and bold, striking, fitted clothing. And I was hiding in baggy clothing that was of a whole different energy type.

Standing Out
Finding out I was an energy type that is supposed to stand out in my appearance, I got scared and a little sad. I was afraid to be this person who stood out, in fitted clothes and bold colors. I wasn’t sure if this was me, if it was too fashion-y and less real. I didn’t know what to think on the one hand, but I sensed a bit of truth in what I was learning. My personality type was exactly what my energy profile aligned with – and my real attraction for clean, refined lines echoed what my energy profile stated.

Giving Myself Over To Trust
So I just gave myself over to trust and learned from Carol and her staff how I could be more aligned with my truth and more accepted by others if I showed up authentically in that way. I learned to dress, shop, accessorize and do my makeup as my energy type. And it was fun! What I thought would be expensive was not – we learned to shop in thrift stores to save money and still look like a million bucks. I now look forward to shopping because I know what to look for and I know how to shop affordably.

In addition, I got to hear others’ reactions to my new look – and they really supported this transformation. They told me how they perceived me differently and I realized that standing out was okay. I used to think that if I stood out people would think I was unapproachable, stuck up, etc. What I learned was that I was more unapproachable while I was hiding out – because my quiet nature made me seem aloof at first. When I showed up dressed in my truth, I could still be my quiet self, but my look was doing the talking. People saw me as more approachable – weird, huh?

I practiced my new look in the airport on the way home, wearing my fitted clothes and feeling really comfortable in them. I realized I could wear fitted clothes that felt good to me, while still projecting the clean, bold lines that aligned with my energy type. It was weird to feel like I looked so different, but I noticed that my inner confidence started to vibrate with my outer appearance. I started to embrace standing out and that helped my inner confidence come out to meet my outer appearance.

Being Vibrant At Home
When I got home, I cleared out my closet of all the clothes that were of the wrong energy type. I’m looking forward to taking them to a thrift shop and getting credit for a new set of clothes that align with who I really am. Now when I go to my closet, I always know what to wear – instead of looking blankly at the overflowing hangers with no idea what to put on.

Life Transformations
My whole life changed when I got home. After almost a year of staying up too late and sometimes skipping showering in the morning, I started to go to bed early, get up early, exercise and shower – so I could dress my truth for the day. My commitment to experimenting in my energy type was the catalyst for me to make these changes I had long been vowing to make, but not progressing. A sense of energy and fun came into my day – and my confidence bloomed in my business. More ideal clients showed up, more deals were struck where I asked and received what I was worth – no longer underselling myself.

Becoming A Certified Vibrant Woman
I loved the process so much that I’m going to take the certification program, so that I can work with other women to make this transformation. I was amazed at the transformations I saw in the other women in the class – you could see people jumping out of their hiding places and radiating beauty inside and out. It’s true, people became more vibrant. People started opening up and embracing fully who they are – knowing that they had been hiding important parts of themselves, some since childhood. It was a moving, heartwarming experience.

For anyone who wants to learn from the expert in an environment full of incredible women – I highly recommend Carol’s program. And who knows, if anyone decides to go to the November program and wants to certify in December, we will be able to have that experience together – how fun would that be? It’s more expensive than I’m typically used to, but the money is just showing up – that’s the beauty of the work I’ve done with Carol. There’s only 1 spot left in November’s program — and if you go, you get to go to a week of free workshops in October! The workshops are awesome: Manifesting More Money and Energy Healing 101 (I will write about Carol’s Energy Healing 101 DVD & product soon — it’s amazing!).

Fully Appreciating My Body
One of the major benefits I got from Carol’s program is learning to love and accept my body. I realized I could wear clothes that fit my body, looked flattering and felt comfortable. I also realized that every BODY is beautiful – we just seem to hide behind clothes if we don’t feel beautiful. All shapes and sizes are beautiful and we can dress to make the most of them, rather than hide in shapeless clothes. Other women in the certification program mentioned that your body just slims down and goes into its natural shape, with no effort – once you dress your truth. Several of them experienced this natural slimming process and realized that food has no connection with weight — it’s who we are inside – and how we honor that woman we are — that determines how we show up in the world. The Vibrant Woman training allows the kind of alignment that has let me honor all of who I am, inside and outside. I’m grateful for this new sense of self. I’ll include pictures soon!

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