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    If I told you that money really does grow on trees, would you believe me? Would you put on your skeptic’s hat and call me ridiculous, over the edge, breathing too much ocean air?

    At one time, I would have done the latter – full of fear about money, thinking that I had to hang onto my job, save carefully and continue to climb the corporate ladder. In fact, I became an expert at climbing the ladder, securing the bigger paychecks – and feeling like I needed to work harder – take on more pressure – to justify my high salary.

    At some point, I began to question my path, though, as many of us often do. I’d find myself going on vacation and wishing I could just get away from it all – buy a little house somewhere and live off the land, escape. It was hard to admit that the big house, shiny cars, successful job were not fulfilling their promise.

    The Morning Rush, Sound Familiar?
    The truth is, I was miserable. I felt dead inside. I’d get up in the morning, exercise for an hour, rush through my morning routine getting ready for work.

    I’d give myself an hour to get ready, even though it wasn’t enough to shower, get ready, iron my clothes, pack my lunch (and dinner – yes, I was a workaholic) and take my 30-minute commute to work. Joel used to joke that I’d burned myself on the iron or the oven one too many times – little did I know it was the stress of hurry and multi-tasking.

    You see, there was never enough time – it was a constant rush of trying to fit too many things into the morning. Those of you with kids, I’m sure, have an even tougher challenge and my hat is off to you!

    On the Treadmill
    When I got home at night, often around 8:00 pm, sometimes later, I’d feel the weight of my day. I’d go over scenarios of what happened at work – so much so that I felt like I was still there – I never let myself really BE home. My briefcase was full of things I intended to do that night. There was never enough time. Ahh, but there was the money.

    That’s the treadmill, isn’t it? Chasing after money to feel safe and secure. Feeling like we need to work harder, longer, faster, better in order to get one step ahead of imminent doom. Giving up time, relationships, happiness, sleep and ultimately, health.

    For me, it started like this – I’d sacrifice sleep to get more hours out of the day, fill up with coffee in the morning to keep me going, eat on the run (in the car, at my desk, in a meeting, in front of the TV) and slowly become more exhausted.

    My good health and high energy made me feel invincible for awhile. My superwoman status made me feel successful, but the feeling was fleeting, hiding my deep inner fear that I was not safe – that it was not enough.

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    Never Enough
    The quest for quenching my “not enough” fears – not good enough, not safe enough, not successful enough, not you name it enough, kept me running the treadmill, too scared to get off. It was fear that kept me there – and another fear that got me out.

    This new fear showed up as I looked at the beautiful, shiny wreckage of my life. Wreckage because there was no true, lasting happiness to be found there. I started to notice that people were getting sick. Maybe not big-time sick, but there was a scary proliferation of stress-related illness in my company.

    And an even bigger epidemic of deep unhappiness lurking underneath the smiles we were all required to wear. I couldn’t find any examples of people who were truly happy – the kind of happy that has no reason. We were all on the same treadmill.

    And admittedly, I was starting to feel sick too – tired, less energy, and starting to feel like I was aging – probably too soon. That’s when I decided it was time to jump off. But how?

    Opening to Trust
    I must confess I was terrified, but the whisper I heard inside said to trust…or at least be open to trust. Having worked with a business coach to learn how to transform my life, I set my sights on leaving corporate and rebuilding my life on my terms.

    That’s when I found out the value of belief. That’s when I learned that you can turn your thoughts, passion and positive energy into reality – setting an intent and trusting the process of life to shed light on the how.

    Creating My Vision
    Not being sure if it was true, I started by writing my vision – which included work I loved, living in Saba and working only 20 hours per week. Having always planned to leave corporate in my 40’s, I was about 10 years short of my original goal, so I had to trust through the fear that this was the right choice.

    And it worked. Somehow, after reading my vision morning and night, I accomplished just about all of it within a year. It’s not like we were dripping in money – in fact, it seemed impossible at the time – and yet, just like you hear from successful business people and Olympic athletes – this vision thing really works. Anything we put our minds to, with passion and commitment, is possible – now I believe.

    So When Do I Get to the Money Part???
    Right here. In the past nearly two years that I’ve been out of corporate, my business is going well – but it was kicked into overdrive when I started working with Carol Tuttle.

    Having started to taste success as a coach, I was rewarded by the amazing results my clients were getting. I saw enough evidence that through my coaching, my clients effortlessly got promoted while going home early and creating happy lives, lost weight without dieting, regained their health and started to realize their own visions.

    And yet, I still did not believe in myself – still wondered about my own self worth.

    How I Created More Money & Success With Less Effort
    What changed my life was Carol Tuttle’s seminar – Creating The Ultimate Energy Healing Bootcamp. I was transformed and continued taking classes from Carol – Dressing Your Truth was next and my business continued to grow.

    While I wasn’t picking money from trees, I started flowing money from all kinds of unexpected sources. My coaching practice filled up – even after I raised my prices. My clients began paying upfront for 3 month packages – and their results got even better. It was like I was infused with the energy of belief and that was being transferred to my clients.

    Where else did money come from? In the three months since I started reading Carol’s book, attending her seminars and listening to her CDs, money has come from several sources. Here’s a little outline:

    • I got a book deal and am writing a book for a well-known author.
    • My coaching practice filled up with clients – with very little marketing – and I now have a waiting list, even with my increased prices.
    • We rented our NH house at full price for the winter season, which was totally unexpected and we thought at the time, impossible.
    • The sale of a relative’s land, for which Joel and I created a website and admittedly, did little to no marketing (and it was the only marketing done for this land).
    • An unexpected tax refund.
    • And much more – through our websites and passive streams of income.

    Money Magnets
    Money just keeps showing up. We are money magnets. And it’s all because we continue to set intentions – believing and trusting in them fully and completely. Removing all doubt and negativity, that sometimes seems to so easily creep in.

    We keep these thoughts at bay through energy techniques like the Emotional Freedom Technique, eye patching, affirmations and the 3 thumps. Basically, these techniques are ways we train our brains to focus on what we DO want to create, rather than what we don’t want to create. All of them, I learned from Carol.

    You CAN Do It Too!
    The great news is that WE ALL can do this. Are you shaking your head and doubting my words? I understand – I was once there too – but what if I’m right? What if it’s just that easy?

    What if life works like going to a restaurant and putting in your order – and having your request brought out to you without having to direct the how?

    What if you could work less and make more? What if you loved your work so much and had the time you desired to enjoy your family, friends and free time? It’s got to be worth it to find out, right? That’s what I thought too.

    Highly Recommended – Carol Tuttle
    Here are some of Carol’s products that really helped me – I highly recommend you try them out. Start with her book, Remembering Wholeness. For a small investment, it packs a huge return. If you’re like I was, rushing around with little spare time, try her CD’s as you drive to work. And after you do, perhaps I’ll see you on your own Caribbean island – or some other paradise where you’ve long dreamed of living. Believe me, if I can do it, so can you!!!

    • Remembering Wholeness – Carol’s book is excellent — easy to read and contains many ideas for how to create what you want in your life, just by placing your order and putting faith and trust in your intentions. After attending 3 of Carol’s live seminars, I’ve heard hundreds of stories from participants about how this book changed their lives. It’s so great that I’m giving it out as client gifts this year! You can also order her Remembering Wholeness CDs and listen to them in your car, while exercising or traveling — get inspired while on the run!
    • Creating The Ultimate Energy Healing Bootcampread how this seminar changed my life and quadrupled my coaching practice! Carol is now selling this seminar on DVD and CD. I highly recommend this product — it will change your life and allow you to boost your own business. While the title is how to create an energy healing business, it actually directly applies to any coaching or healing profession. This really works!!!!
    • The Art of Manifesting – In this CD, you’ll learn how to manifest your dreams — more money, better health and better relationships. The techniques, ideas and motivation you’ll get from this CD really deliver. This CD helped me realize that the words I use, my thoughts and my beliefs can either help or hinder me. It also gave me tips to change my thinking and my beliefs, so that I could create what I wanted in my life. They are so simple, anyone can do it!
    • Creating Money – This CD is AWESOME!!! Get this one and you’ll start believing money grows on trees too! Carol shares her experience of how she and her husband got out of debt and started flowing money, fueled by the power of their thoughts and beliefs. This whole CD provides tips and techniques to kickstart your own money flow. What I learned in this CD and from Carol’s live Manifesting More Money workshop (DVD will be coming soon, watch for it!) helped me create flows of money from all kinds of sources — expected and unexpected. My life and my trust in my ability to make money improved tremendously upon listening to this CD and taking Carol’s Manifesting More Money workshop.
    • Becoming A Vibrant Human Being (Look in the Chakra Store link) – This is an amazing 20-hour DVD program that teaches you how to clear deeply held emotions and stuck energy in all 7 of your chakras (energy centers). You will learn how to clear stuck energy so that you can thrive, along with balancing your body and mind. What I noticed is feeling lighter, happier and yes, more vibrant. The feedback I got from others is amazing — one woman said, “Whatever you have, I want it!!!” You will love this program — Carol and Syl blend techniques that will at once provide transformation and balance.
    • Becoming A Vibrant Woman: Living, Loving & Dressing Your Truth (see Events — next one is in February 2007) – read my blog entry on this class. It literally changed my life and allowed me to network successfully with LA’s glitterati!
    • Clear The Emotional Issues That Are Keeping You Fat! This is a great CD that teaches us that food is not the source of creating fat — it’s our thoughts! Deep emotional issues and belief systems can create negative thoughts and habits — learn how to break free from them in this CD. What I liked about this CD is that it helped me further heal the digestive issues that I had. My own emotions and beliefs contributed to chronic digestive distress and what I learned from Carol freed me from this constant pain. Our bodies start to crave the peptides that make pain in our bodies — learn how to break free and feel fit and healthy again!

    If you’d like a FREE copy of my vision exercise, click here. I created my own system, based on what worked effectively for me. Try it out — it’s free!!!! If you’d really like to make big changes, how about hiring a coach? I’d love to work with you on making your dreams a reality!