As many of you know, I recently returned from Carol Tuttle’s Manifesting More Money and Energy Healing 101 Seminars in Sandy, Utah recently.

Ooops, I Did It Again
And the funniest thing happened — you’d think I’d be used to this by now. Every time I step foot back home from one of Carol’s seminars — starting with her “Creating The Ultimate Energy Healing Bootcamp” (great for a coaching business, by the way!) — this happens. My business grew again!

Becoming A Six Figure Coach
In less than a year after my graduation from the International Coach Academy, I am now a six-figure coach!! I am so grateful to the International Coach Academy for the solid education I received from the amazing facilitors there.

And I’m incredibly grateful for what I’ve learned from Carol Tuttle — because it is she who helped me create this amazing transformation in my business.

What she taught me applies to coaching and any other profession — to all areas of our lives really. She taught me how to have unshakable belief in myself and my ability to create my dreams.

With practical tips that fit into my life, I learned how to work with my energy — so that I could keep it vibrating positively…so that I could feel good more of the time. Once I shifted, once I REALLY got it, I started to integrate it into my life and my coaching.

My I Am is Your I Am
Once I shifted, I started to transfer that shift to my clients. Their results got even better — and I realized that what Gandhi said was true — we can “be the change we want to see in the world.” Once you make changes in your life, you show others the possibilities that exist for us all.

So what I want to share with the coaching community, with people in jobs they hate and with anyone dreaming of escaping to live their dreams is this: No matter how scary it feels — believe that you CAN do it and then ALLOW it to happen. Don’t worry about the how, when and where — just start with your belief.

That’s what Carol taught me and she echoes many of the great gurus in law of attraction. Somehow, her pragmatic approach to fitting this into my life just hit home with me and I got it…finally! It feels good to believe. And feeling good is our true nature — we all deserve it.

Is That IT????
Well, it’s the first place to start — and then follow this formula:

  1. Set your intention as if it is happening to you now, in the present (no negatives allowed…like “don’t, not and no”). Use I am statements as much as possible, like: “I am healthy and fit.” “I am experiencing joy in my relationships.”
  2. Believe in your intention – repeat it as often as possible. Fill your mind with it and let it trickle into your subconscious (where the power is — where the details just get handled). Visualize it, taste, touch and smell it — use your senses. Feel it as if it’s your current reality.
  3. Allow your intention to happen – get out of the way. Focus on belief and let the details show themselves to you. If you’ve ever had a chance meeting that ended up bringing something great into your life, you may have thought it was a miracle. Actually, this is how life is supposed to be for all of us. We set the intentions and the when, where and how shows up. Our work is to believe, then to act on what shows up.
  4. Find & destroy all doubt – find those little tapes that play in the back of your head, saying “this won’t work”, “you’re not that lucky”, “that’s all well and good for them to say,” “when’s it going to happen?” “why hasn’t it happened yet?” “maybe I’m not good enough.” Start to hard target these thoughts — find them lurking in the back of your mind and say “delete” — see them dissipating. State your intention again and feel it take the place of any doubts.
  5. Celebrate the small stuff — any small step that gets you closer to your intention, even if you are not fully there yet — acknowledge and celebrate it! In today’s society, the negative is often reinforced — “see I told you it wouldn’t work” — so it’s time to start getting into the energy of the positive by reinforcing our ability to create what we want. Acknowledge yourself and watch your celebrations multiply!
  6. Express gratitude – for all that you already have, for what’s in your life and for what you have learned. We are all on a path to learn what we came here to learn. Life continues to show us what we need to change or what we need to learn — it sometimes comes in the package of a challenge. Other times, it comes in the package of a miracle. No matter what, the process of life is here to support us. Pain can be as great a teacher as achievements.

Education, Coaching – Finding Guides
Believe me, I used to be in the camp of not really trusting or fully applying this stuff. And at that time, I was afraid — always looking for security…in my job, my relationships, my life. I highly recommend getting some resources to help you with this. Carol Tuttle’s products are among the best — from her book to her CDs and DVDs — and if you can swing it, travel to see her live!

Also, get a coach who understands law of attraction and can work with you on your path to create your dreams. We all need reminders to keep us on the path — even once we “get it.” The world is still full of beliefs in pain, struggle and hard work — and so are we from past conditioning. It helps to have people and resources in your corner. As you begin to thrive, you’ll know it was worth it!

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