Take this adrenaline quiz to see if you are living a high-stress lifestyle, which can negatively impact your health. You might be surprised at some of the things you learn! Want to share your findings? Let us know.

If anyone has ideas or things that have worked for you to decrease stress or avoid the “adrenaline lifestyle,” post your comments here!

Here are the things I started doing to decrease my adrenaline lifestyle:

  • Leaving earlier so that I didn’t have to speed to get to work.
  • Put my action items (“to do’s”) on my calendar so that I could actually get them done.
  • Honored the time I blocked to get my action items done by not scheduling appointments over them (you are as important as a meeting request — it’s all work you have to do!).
  • Stopped trying to “hit the cover off the ball” for EVERY single project — I figured out what was good enough and what needed to be perfect.
  • Asked for help instead of trying to do everything myself – I was amazed at how much people really WANTED to help!
  • Developed “job stewards” out of my employees — they are capable of owning the entire spectrum of their jobs (or they can develop the skills) – it gives them a chance to grow and shine.
  • Committed to a regular yoga practice — I had been a skeptic before I started, but it really works wonders for stress!
  • Committed to “having a life” outside of work – having fun makes you more productive because it “refuels” your tanks.
  • Committed to getting enough sleep — stopped trying to be SuperWorker, capable of staying in the office for all hours and working through the night!
  • Eating healthy foods – wow, this really changed my life!

Spend Health Gaining Money, Spend Money Gaining Health

The list goes on, because I was finally starting to take care of myself. I felt so much healthier, calmer and more focused (anyone have brain fog???). Somehow, I think we all buy into (or at least I did) the need to be so great, so indispensible, so perfect — that we forget to be human. We forget that our bodies need to stay well.

Someone once said, we spend all of our health trying to make money in our youth and all of our money trying to recover our health in old age. What is wrong with this equation? When will we learn to value balance, so that we don’t have to work to make money and then watch it diminish along with our health? Or perhaps, sit on our piles of money while our health depletes?

The Feel-Good Solution

What ever happened to enjoying life? To just plain feeling good? Is it possible to be successful AND have a balanced life? I say a resounding YES!!! It is possible — I see it happening each time I meet with my coaching clients. All it takes is focusing on what is REALLY important — knowing what you REALLY want. Our minds are incredibly powerful — they can either help us or hinder us.

What do you think? Any thoughts or ideas?

  • Can we really detatch an emotional grip on our work and just plain do our work?
  • Can we take away the “life or death” feeling we have about particular projects and still be great at our jobs?
  • Can we make time for a life and still be successful?

If anyone is truly committed to making changes and doesn’t know where to begin, contact me for a free coaching session! I’d love to work with you on a tailored solution for balancing a fulfilling life with a successful career or business.

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