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One of the things I love about my new, corner office — which is really the corner of our bedroom — is the view outside my window. First of all, I should say that starting your own business, while risky — has it’s perks. For example, I now have a window and natural light. You’d be amazed at what that alone can do to your enjoyment of life! Fresh air, what a concept! In any event, out my window is a lane surrounded by stone walls that leads to the little downtown of Windwardside. At the bottom of the lane is Eddie’s Swinging Doors — a local bar that is a hit with everyone — locals, expats and tourists (his chicken barbecue should not be missed!). Next to Eddie’s is the Saba Tourist Bureau and then a beautiful church, which is directly in the view of my window. The red roof of the church is set against a backdrop of the rising green mountain that goes up to one of the steepest points of Windwardside. The best parts of my view are — the ocean, natch — and watching what comes up the lane.

How Now Brown Cow?

Most of the time, I see my neighbors — Marvin, the Rastafarian, Bill, Tom, Steve, Eddie & Pat, etc. — out for their daily trips to the store (about 200 feet at the end of the street), going for a hike or coming and going from work. Yesterday, I saw something really great — a giant brown cow walking up the street! The cow started to walk into my neighbor’s yard when two men came running along with a rope. Apparently the cow had escaped — and I got to watch while they skillfully used the rope to catch their cow. They were not as fortunate in trying to get the giant cow to cooperate about going home. One guy was jumping and waving his arms, while the other was pulling the cow for all he was worth! I am thankful that I didn’t have a meeting at the time, so I could enjoy watching a spectacle I hadn’t ever seen outside a window of my home.

Life Out In The Open

I will write in another post about what it’s like to live in a small cottage (remember only 750 square feet and 1 bathroom!). For now, what I wanted to share is how wonderful this location is. Each night, Joel and I sit on our porch and watch the sun set, while waving to our neighbors as they come home for the evening. If our front door is open, people feel free to stop by — tourists may come in to look at our house (it’s an original Saban cottage and on the Saba walking tour) — neighbors may come in to say hello.

At first, I was a bit concerned about this. Especially after living in the US, where we hide away in our house and only stop by when invited. The whole concept of knowing your neighbors and stopping by unannounced — didn’t that die in the 50’s sometime? Or maybe some of you are still lucky enough to have this where you live. I’ve gotten used to living life “out in the open.” I actually appreciate the sense of community and I feel like I’ve opened up and relaxed more.

For example, things don’t have to be perfect when people come over. I may not have showered yet, there might be breakfast or lunch sitting on the table or a sink full of dishes. But it’s all okay here — no one cares. It’s very freeing. Sometimes, shedding society’s conventions is all it takes to brush a heap of stress off of my shoulders.

Try This Experiment:

  • What’s it like to not feel like things have to be perfect? Let something go (No, really — let something go!!! Without worrying!). Take something off the “have to” list and see how you feel.
  • Notice something you love about where you live — a view out the window, a beautiful room, the way the road winds through your neighborhood, people out for walks, etc. — What sights and sounds do you love about where you live?
  • Feel gratitude for your home or workplace — find something to be grateful for and see what it does for your state of mind.