Alex is surprised - Carolyn Laughs with PindaIs it possible to keep a surprise party a surprise on an island with 1500 residents? Carolyn was determined to make it happen as she planned her significant other’s birthday party. Alex is a dive instructor at Sea Saba — and an excellent one at that! Joel and I first met Alex when we were taking the Night Dive class as part of our PADI advanced open water program. He is from the Netherlands and speaks several languages fluently.

Gigantos Dutchmana-What?

Alex is one of those guys who is quiet when you meet him, so while he is instantly likeable, he becomes even more likeable as you get to know him. One of the first things you notice is his size — he is about 6’4″ — well, whatever his true height is, he’s really tall and towers above just about everyone (his co-workers have created an underwater species to describe him — Gigantos dutchmanamungus). Interestingly enough, Carolyn is average height for a woman and their dog, Pinda is very small — which means they make quite a scene when out walking together.

Carolyn brings out the cakeMake a wish, Alex!
At the party, there were plenty of fun, interesting people from diverse backgrounds — the dive industry, local restaurants, artists, expats — mainly all people who feel lucky to live on this beautiful island. We met the flip flop philosopher here — and you can read about him by clicking here.

Canned Meat, Anyone?

One thing we learned about Alex at his party is that he enjoys collecting strange potted meats. Now we don’t get a huge variety of things in the stores here, but it’s not bad. And occasionally, there are some really interesting and perplexing products on the shelves. Alex makes shopping fun by searching for potted meats to add to his collection, lovingly displayed around the perimeter of their kitchen beams. So far, we have seen Spam, Smoked Spam, Spam Lite (who knew?), dried meat (you don’t want to know), corned beef hash, canned sausages, canned hot dogs (yikes!) and a variety of other delectables (for Pinda, anyway!). This became quite an attraction for those who entered the kitchen.

Have We Told You Lately, Life Is Good!

Joel and I had a great time and as we walked home, we talked about how lucky we are to live on an island with so many wonderful people. To learn more about Carolyn & Alex (and Pinda!), check out their bios on the Sea Saba website — maybe you’ll see them on a dive if you end up visiting this amazing island!