Kelley RainbowWhat’s it like to live on an island with a tourist trade? One of the side effects is that many people come and go. This is true for the dive community, for example, because one of the things dive masters & dive instructors like is the ability to live all over the world. I’ve met many fun and interesting people in the dive community – they have a sense of adventure that is appealing. They tend to be outgoing and friendly above the water – while being calming leaders below.

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot
Steve, originally hailing from England, is one of those people we have enjoyed meeting in Saba. Steve is an experienced technical & cave diver who has lived on Saba for 7 years, working at both Saba Deep and then Sea Saba. Above the water, you could see Steve running the hills of Saba. If you could just experience the thigh burners they call hills, you’d know just how challenging the act of running is here.

Joel and I noticed Steve’s efficiency – he really knew his way around the boat and seemed to get all the tanks switched and ready before we even knew what happened. His buoyancy was something that Joel always commented on with awe – those cave diving skills really show in his ability to hover motionless in the water.

And Here’s A Hand My Trusty Friend
Steve is on a journey to find out what his dream is. He headed to Taos, NM to visit friends, Lee and Lea (also of Sea Saba) to ski and construct the next steps of this great adventure we call life. Sometimes, it takes a change of scenery – and the support of friends – to open our minds to the possibilities of what life has to offer.

And Gie’s A Hand O’ Thine
At Steve’s going away party, we had the opportunity to sit with others in the dive community:

Joel, Sally & Mike, MartinMike & Sally (Saba Deep and Saba Day Spa owners) – a healthy, glowing couple who live life with enthusiasm.

Mike, Charlotte, across from Carolyn & Alex
Carolyn & Alex (Sea Saba), who you may remember from a post on Alex’s birthday.

Martin & Charlotte (Sea Saba), a couple from England who are about to be married and leaving Saba in March (we’ll miss them both!).

Paula & DickDick & Paula (Sea Saba) – who live in Saba 4 months of the year and in the US for the remainder. Dick placed in the top 8 in his age class in the 2005 Hawaii World Ironman Competition.

John, Lynn & SteveLynn & John (Sea Saba owners) — who we give credit for helping us find our way to this island — said their goodbyes to Steve as well (Steve is pictured here with them).

Linda & Henry are new to Saba and have come here for a change in lifestyle, much like Joel and me. Linda sold her medical practice and is teaching at Saba University, while Henry is an IT professional who is taking a year off. Bravo to them for taking the opportunity to live a life on island time!

Gersh, flexing acting musclesGersh is from the UK and has had an interesting life, from acting to investment banking to owning his own consulting firm. Like me, he realized it was time to leave the rat race and do what he truly loved. He joined the scuba diving industry and works at Sea Saba. Gersh used his acting abilities to simultaneously take pictures of the party and entertain us!

We’ll Take A Cup Of Kindness Yet
While Steve was not sure about leaving Saba, we ended the evening talking about how everything happens for a reason. I have a feeling that Steve will be finding something wonderful as he takes a risk and goes on an uncertain adventure. Part of being ready for what’s wonderful is accepting everything as it is — even if it feels less than good at the time.

For Auld Lang Syne
Living on an island, you meet great people — and it’s always sad to see them go — even if in the arriving, the departing is inevitable. Change becomes the only constant we can count on here — and that’s true for all of us in life, isn’t it? Somehow we know (or maybe we just trust) that new, fun and interesting people will come along when others have left. Yet we also hope, that we’ll see our friends again. We’d like to think that Steve will be back, if only for a visit, to share with us the wisdom of what he’s learned on his journey.

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