Does this happen to you? You hear a sound and think it’s one thing — and then realize it’s something else. Sometimes, what you thought it was — and what it really is — is so ridiculous that you can’t believe you thought it was what it was. Hmmm, that sounds like a riddle. Anyway, since I’ve been in Saba, I’ve been hearing new noises. You’d be surprised at what I think those noises are vs. what they really are!

Mind Plays Tricks
Maybe someone who knows something about psychology can enlighten me on why this happens (please comment!), but here’s my guess. When you are in a new place, you are still adapting to your environment. Your mind tries to create bridges between what it knows and the new experiences. At some level, your mind is drawing associations between stimuli in your new environment to what you already know — basically trying to understand. I may be way off, but I figured that’s what was going on. Let’s have a laugh at how my mind was doing this!

Woo Hoo!
Woo Hoo, I Can Walk on Walls!One night, shortly after I arrived, I started hearing a “woo hoo” sound echoing in the hills. In the back of my mind, I thought, oh it’s the medical students having a party or something. Then I heard it again & again. Hmmm, I thought, those medical students are really an enthusiastic bunch, huh? When I really started to pay attention, the sound happened at regular intervals and I realized it was a rooster. The rooster sound is not typically cocka-doodle-doo, but more like the “woo hoo” of a sports fan or partier. Now I know there are roosters on the island and have heard them many times, so the fact that my mind picked that sound up as a partying student seems nutty!

Tiny Tree FrogThis one just happened this week. I kept hearing a beep, beep, beep. I figured it was just Joel doing something on his computer or with the phone, although it did seem a little excessive. Last night, it bordered on annoying — what is he doing with that phone? Then I really listened and realized it was a tree frog. In Saba, the tree frogs start to peep around 7:00 pm and go until about 3:00 am. It is a little more melodic than crickets — and actually sounds kind of like birds chirping. In fact, when I first heard them, I really thought there were birds that chirped at night here. I like the sound, although to some, it takes getting used to.

Last night, there was a tree frog that was on the outside of our window. This lone tree frog’s sound was a little out of synch with the usual chorus of peeps. The lone peep sounded like the beep of the phone or another electronic. Once I really listened, it was clear to me — but every time I sensed the sound, my first reaction was that it was the phone being dialed.

Get The Kidds
Cute Kidd, Huh?When Joel and I first started hiking on the island, we kept hearing these cries. They sounded like babies crying — really — like human babies. We kept looking around to see where the sounds were coming from, but did not see anything. Remember that we have had little exposure to farm animals in our lives, so it’s no surprise to some of you that this was baby goats. I kept thinking, goats say “baaaaaah” in a gurgling way, but these kidds were not gurgling. They were crying “waaaa” or “ahhh” more like a baby crying. Must be why they call them kidds, huh?