Yodeling Cat, Revealed!Remember the yodeling cat? He’s been pretty vocal lately and since I’ve had my camera nearby, I finally got his picture. You can see him pretty well here, except for those clear, foggy eyes. I recently learned why the Saban cats have foggy eyes — although I’m not sure if this is true or urban legend. Apparently, when the cats eat Saba lizards, their eyes get foggy. I can’t seem to find any information on the Internet to back this up, but my quest continues. In the meantime, I should tell you that the Saba Anole lizard (Anolis sabanus) is found nowhere else in the world.

One of A Kind
Male Saba LizardAt first glance, you may think the Saba lizard is a typical salamander or geko, but it has some distinctions. The color differences between males and females are unique. The male has black leopard spots and displays an orange-yellow dewlap during courtship, while the females are smaller and usually a drab olive colour with paler spots. There are a variety of rare and interesting species in Saba on land (in addition to underwater) — you can see them on the varied hiking trails around the island or read about them here.

Wild Thing
Scout's Feral Cat on My LapBack to the subject of cats, I mentioned in another post that the cat population was at one time getting out of hand in Saba. On Saturday, we learned more about the wonderful feral cat program. This program’s goal is to control the cat population through education and services such as fixing cats on the island. Interestingly, many of the feral cats with great personalities are allowed to hang around certain places. We met one such cat Saturday. We aren’t sure what her name is, but her typical haunt is Scout’s place — a hotel & restaurant that caters to divers. Scouts has a nice atmosphere indoors, but we chose to sit outdoors with our group of friends. It didn’t take long for the Scout’s cat to stake her claim — she spent the evening first on Joel’s lap and then on mine. She was a sweet cat, although a bit demanding when I tried to get up and take pictures — she firmly placed her paw on my arm, insisting that I stay put.

Collective Cringe
At some point in the evening, Joel noticed that our new cat friend had a slightly clipped ear. Thinking it was a battle wound, we were soon corrected — this was actually part of the feral cat program. When a cat has no owner and it is fixed, the ear is clipped. Oh, said Joel, “It’s a bad day when you get fixed twice!” This comment drew winces from many of the men at the table — somehow any discussion of fixing seems to elicit cringes from men, you know?

From foggy eyes to clipped ears, we are learning more about the Saba cats. In another post, I’ll introduce you to the dogs in Saba — for some reason, they are the friendliest dogs I have ever seen. Joel & I have been talking about getting a dog — we’ll have to put up another poll to see if people think we’ll give in and get one or not!