Author’s Note: This is one of the articles lost as a result of the recent hacking. Joel will be adding our dive pictures to all of our Sea Saba Dives later today — stay tuned!

Heather We had another great dive with Sea Saba today at Tedran Reef , a dive site in Tent Bay. Tedran Reef is formed by the ridge of Tent Reef and Tent Reef Wall — excellent nearby dive sites (more on these later). The name “Tent Bay” was created by fisherman from days gone by. Many boat captains came from Saba – and since they owned their own schooners, they came home periodically with packages for relatives and friends. It was these fisherman who named Tent Bay and if you go to the Sea Saba slide show at Brigadoon (every Monday night 5:30 pm), you will get to hear the story.

Dive Site Stats
Boat ride: 5 minutes from Fort Bay
Mooring: triad/70 feet
Experience Level: experienced
Recommended Max. Depth – 100 feet
Current: occasionally strong, to south
Snorkeling: no

Our Crew
Dick gives a briefingDick, Vivi & Alex (Alex captained the boat)

Tedran Reef Site Description
In this dive, we got to explore a series of coral outcrops – with sandy slope toward the shore and a sheer drop-off toward sea. In between the outcrops are narrow sandy channels. Divers can explore each of the outcrops, although with caution – as they get progressively deeper and the channels in-between are 20-30 feet below the top of the coral outcrops.

What You Might See
As a still-newbie diver, I am happy to see just about anything underwater. I still don’t know what everything is, so I have the wide-eyed wonder of a child. Floating weightless along the outcrops, we got to see blackish-brown Deepwater Gorgonians, several different types of sponges (Pipes-of-Pan sponge and the orange Elephant Ear Sponge) and many species of soft (waving purple-grey Sea Plumes) & hard corals. If you carry a dive light and look under the ledges, like my more experienced diving brethren, you can see plenty of black coral. You can also peek in the crevices and find Schoolmasters and Black Margates, among other goodies, here.

Fish peeking from under Purple Tube Sponge Diver & Barrel Sponge

Fish Sightings
Now sometimes, I’m not sure where to look. I’m just as fascinated by the coral and the life among them, as I am by the plentiful fish swimming by. I have noticed that as I become more experienced, my perspective broadens and I notice more in each dive. However, I also know that every diver is different in what they like to do – some like to dive slowly and notice all the small things, while others are looking for the bigger critters, like the “chaps in grey suits”, as some of the Sea Saba crew call them. As you look around you at Tedran Reef, you’ll see Spotted Moray Eel (those of us gazing in the coral tend to spot them first!), French Angelfish, schools of Black Durgon and Chromis, Barracuda, Smallmouth Grunt, Rock Hind, Graysby and Tiger Grouper, Creole, Wrasse and Garden Eels (look in the sand off the outcrops for these).

Spotted Moray Eel Coney Coney

A Piece of History Underwater
Some of the non-life sightings at Tedran Reef would be the big old anchors lost by the schooners years ago. Last century and early this century, there was more boat traffic in Saba, including in Tent Bay. During bad storms, if a boat’s dragging anchor was caught on one of the coral outcrops, it was cut loose – giving us a piece of history underwater.