Melissa Delivers the BriefingAhhh, the famed Pinnacles – this group of dive sites make up Saba’s most popular deep dives. The pinnacles, created by feats of volcanic activity, are like mini-Sabas that rise high from unknown depths (Joel likes to call them mini Empire State buildings), but never made it above the sea (except for Diamond Rock – more on that later). This is where divers are wowed with the vibrant corals surrounding these underwater high-rise sculptures, alive with life. Today, we went to the Twilight Zone, made up of a series of rocky outcrops lying along parallel lines, running east to west. The mooring line is attached to one of the outcrops at 100 feet and the eastern, most shallow peak is at 80 feet.

Our Dive Crew

  • Melissa, originally from Australia, has had a colorful & adventurous life on the sea – in high school, she even lived on a boat!
  • Bruno – hails from Switzerland, speaks 5 languages and always has a smile. Bruno was our boat captain today.
  • Vivi & Travis – Sea Saba’s newest dive-couple/dive-instructors. We instantly liked both of them and are happy they are here! Travis was with us today for his first dives in Saba, so we got to experience him first as a friendly fellow diver. We are looking forward to following Travis on a future dive.
  • Henry– a new resident of Saba, Henry splits his time between Sea Saba and Saba University Medical School. Henry and his wife, Linda, are great new additions to the island — both leaving their hectic jobs to live the simple life. We’ll tell you more about them in a future post.

Vivi & Travis Captain Bruno

Our Fellow Divers:
We had another great group of divers, as usual. I have come to expect that I will like every diver I meet — and since I am still new to diving and have only been in Saba, I wonder. Do we get really great tourists here or are all divers just awesome people? Maybe some of you can tell me your experiences with meeting fellow divers.

  • Sheila, from the US, is a regular visitor to Saba — we always enjoy seeing her!
  • Marty – A resident of St. John, but thinking she might like to move to Saba — we hope she does!
  • Didier – from France
  • Tina & Ken – from the US

Dive Site Stats
Dive Site #3 – Twilight Zone
Boat Ride: 12 minutes from Fort Bay
Mooring: eyebolt/95 feet, triad/110 feet
Experience Level: experienced
Recommended Max. Depth: 110 feet
Current: variable strength, mostly to northwest
Snorkeling: no

Dive Site Description
Exploring the north and east side from the 80 foot outcrop, the peak drops straight down from about 100 feet to as far as you can imagine. Moving toward the west, there is a large flat area at 110 – 120 feet. This forms a type of bridge toward other pinnacles, like Third Encounter & Outer Limits, which you will see if visibility is good.

As you take in the pinnacle itself, you will start to notice the colors and teeming life of at least a dozen different species of hard corals. Deepwater Gorgonians cover the steep surfaces of the pinnacles, along with many types of colorful encrusting sponges (e.g., orange Elephant Ear). Pinnate Black coral, including a green and pink colony are here as well.

The delectable Caribbean Spiny Lobster Michael told me but I forget Hind Brown Octopus Sponge

Fish Sightings
We love the friendly Groupers we get to see at this site, including Tiger, Nassau and Yellowfin Groupers. We also saw some Red Hinds and Black Jacks watching us as we floated by. And yes, although we were too absorbed in the coral to see it, our fellow divers spotted a Reef Shark. We on the other hand, were busy watching a yellow Trumpetfish because for some reason – even though I see a lot of them in Saba, I am always fascinated by their strange, yet graceful appearance. I’ll get to see other sharks, though, so I won’t let this miss disappoint me. I know Joel and I will be visiting Twilight Zone again on a future dive with Sea Saba!