Daphne Cottage on SabaJoel and I are almost fully recovered after the hacking of our virtual server. And guess what? I got a new website! A whole new look and the first wave of my new marketing content – it’s like my birthday all over again! The new website was Joel’s idea because I’ve had my eye on this design for a few months now. I think he did a great job on the design, although I know I’m biased! I still have to add some new product and service lines – including retreats in the Caribbean – right here in Saba.

One of the things I learned from this experience is how great a team Joel and I make — he does the web design and hosting, I do the marketing. The next step is to give Joel a whole new website as well — he too, is due for one — and since his birthday is tomorrow, it will be like a present for him. Besides doing the content and marketing for his website, wait until you see what his “from Saba” birthday present is (more in tomorrow’s post)!

A Week In Our Life – Come To Saba — We’ll Be Renting Our Cottage!
Each retreat package will feature a week in our life — tailored with the goals you want to achieve! Joel and I are going back to the States for a couple of months in the summer for some business trips and weddings, so we decided to rent our cottage out while we are gone. Our cottage was set up as a rental when we bought it, so it’s fully stocked with all of your needs, including books, CDs and DVDs! We will still be writing this blog while gone, since we are WAY behind on the happenings of Saba and have plenty to tell you!

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The Week In Our Life Retreat Will Include:

  • 7 nights at Daphne Cottage in Saba (our cottage) – for the retreat participant and guest
  • 2 massages at Saba Day Spa
  • 1 led hike by Crocodile James (maybe to check out the orchids on Mt. Scenery, but it’s your choice!) – James can show you all the flora, fauna and folk remedies of Saba.
  • 2 double tank dives with Sea Saba (if you’re a non-diver, we can change this or substitute this for additional spa services, snorkeling, yoga classes, dinners or other great Saba activities)
  • One dinner for 2 at Brigadoon restaurant – one of our favorites
  • 4 one-on-one coaching sessions with me (check out my new website: Success Summits). The coaching sessions are tailored for you – to meet your specific goals. These sessions allow you to focus your retreat on changes you want to make in your life or goals you’ve been wanting to achieve.
  • Retreat Workbook – with actions to take before, during and after the retreat — for lasting transformation!

Some Tailored Retreat Programs Include:

  • Downshift Your Life – Want to simplify your life? Leave the rat race? Experience the richness that life has to offer now? Balance work and personal life in a way that feels good to you?
  • Kickstart Your Success – Want to get promoted? Start a business? Create multiple streams of income? Whatever your goal, we will identify and create the steps to get there.
  • A Life You’ll Love – Want to identify your ideal life and learn to harness the power of your mind, along with practical techniques to get there? Want to experience true joy that comes from the inside? Want to increase your confidence and courage?
  • Renewal Retreat – Extreme Self-Care – Want to completely de-stress? Want to completely unwind in body, mind and spirit? This retreat package offers relaxation that renews your spirit and allows you to develop new habits to take back home with you. Create lasting self-care that allows you to maintain a feeling of peace when you return to “the real world.”
  • Radiant Health – Want to start a healthy eating and fitness plan? Use the power of your mind to create healing and energy? Learn how to match a nutritional plan with your specific needs? Create body-mind-spirit alignment so that you glow with health? Learn techniques to keep you looking younger?

Details Coming Soon
More details and pricing coming later this week! We will also be booking the cottage without the retreats – for those who want to dive or vacation in Saba with no agenda. Since we already have a few bookings – let us know if you’re interested! Whether your interest is in the retreat package or a regular cottage rental, you can inquire about availability by using the contact us page on this blog.

Log Home For Rent in NH's White MountainsIf you like the sound of the retreats, but can’t make it to the Caribbean, consider a retreat in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire. We will be renting our log home, surrounded by 60 foot pine trees and near all the mountains and rivers. Beautiful summer activities, fall leaf-peeping and winter skiing.

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