Family Deli Bakery in The Bottom!Ever dreamed of starting your own restaurant? A well-established restaurant is for sale in Saba! The Family Deli Bakery is well-known for it’s comfortable, casual atmosphere and delicious, affordable food. It is located in The Bottom, Saba’s capital township, where Saba University is located. Imagine all the hungry students? We’ve seen them on Friday’s, which is “lobster night” at Family deli. For $10.00, you get a large half-lobster and all the fixings, which packs them in wall-to-wall.

Well Established
The Family Deli is one of the restaurants you find out about immediately on the island, as a tourist or expat, because of the fresh baked bread, cakes and cookies that are sold in the stores. The bread is the main staple and big favorite, while the cakes and cookies are sold in packages of one or two, typical for Saba (and rather different from our super-sized, by the dozen mentality in the States).

Our First Trip to Family Deli
A couple of years ago, Joel and I discovered Family Deli on our way to “The Ladder” trail in The Bottom (I’ll do a post on this spectacular trail). We were staying in one of the higher points of Windwardside, up Booby Hill. The walk down this hill to Windwardside is quite an exercise in physics – and by the time we got down to The Bottom, it had been about 50 minutes – a good time for a hiatus. I was thinking a sip of water, catch our breath, rest our legs and carry on. Joel had a different idea when he spotted the famed Family Deli.

We had heard of the deli and seen many signs, so stopping was on our list of “to do’s.” Why not seize the moment? It’s pretty easy to motivate Joel to take a long hike when it involves stopping for a pastry, coffee or a milkshake! Even better when he can have all three! He was not disappointed when we viewed the Family Deli menu, which has plenty of choices from salads to seafood to sweets. Even though it was about lunchtime, Joel went for the French toast and a vanilla milkshake.

Joel Tries French Toast & Milkshakes
Not being sure what to expect, he was very impressed. The French toast was one of the best he had ever tasted (I hope MY French toast is up there at the top of his list!) and he couldn’t have been happier with the taste of his vanilla milkshake. I should mention that Joel has tried vanilla milkshakes in just about every locale around the world where they are sold – so we consider him quite a conniseur. In fact, he reports that the Family Deli milkshakes are worth the walk to The Bottom after trying them in closer locations. It never hurts to do a little exercise for your treats – but even better when you can just hop into the air-conditioned vans of Manny or Garvis for effortless transport!

Help Joel Out – Long Live The Bread & Milkshakes!
When we learned that The Family Deli was for sale, Joel started to lament the potential loss of his favorite foods. He would certainly appreciate it if someone with their own Caribbean Dream would come and learn the tricks of the trade. After all, as Joel says, his favorite food is what someone else is making! I know he’s more discriminating than that, however, because it’s my ears that get to receive the disgruntled mumbling of a milkshake done wrong. In any event, the owners are really great people and could certainly teach you the tricks of their trade!

Sales Information:

  • Restaurant and Bakery in operation for sale on Saba
  • Located in the capital, The Bottom, on the main street
  • The business is open 7 days per week and does not need to close during transition of ownership
  • The business opened in July 2002 and all equipment are in good, operational state
  • The restaurant presently has seating for 34 persons and the bakery supplies breads to all major supermarkets
  • The selling price is USD 34,000.00 up front and 24 monthly instalments of USD 1,100.00
  • Not included in sale price: stock, rent, utilities, insurance, paintings
  • Serious inquiries can contact Marisselly at (599) 416-3858 or at

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