We are a married couple who did what a lot of people do — went on vacation and dreamed of owning a piece of paradise. What’s exciting is that we actually did it — we bought a property on the tiny 5-square mile island of Saba in the Dutch Caribbean. What happened after that was unexpected, but possibly predictable.

We realized that we wanted to spend more and more time in our simple, small cottage overlooking the ocean. We found it more difficult to enjoy our large house, our accumulated possessions and our jobs & commutes. So we chucked it all — well, most of it anyway. Joel still has his job, but no more commute — since he has “work from home” status (lucky IT dog that he is!). I ended up starting my own business — I got certified as a professional coach at ICA. I now offer business success coaching, specializing in taking people to the top of their game in business AND personal life.

This blog is the tale of:

  • How we got here
  • The new perspectives we’ve gained about living a simple (and beautiful!) life
  • Tips on starting up a thriving business or successfully working remotely from anywhere
  • Tips for creating radiant health
  • Tips on attracting the good life (yes, you have the power!)

So now for the introductions, let me introduce my husband, Joel Dauteuil


Joel is an adventurous traveler with a knack for languages and finding great travel deals. He’s been a math and computer teacher in an international school and he turned corporate after 8 years of teaching high school. He’s been into computers since he was a young teenager, taking great pleasure in programming — and then later the internet and e-mail before most other people were using it.

Interestingly, Joel has his Bachelor’s degree in business, his master’s in education and a half-completed masters in management information systems. He has a certification in network administration and his corporate career includes technology instructional design (making technology training easy for corporate learners), distance learning, web design, programming and technology product & project management.

Joel’s degree in business has given him a business minded approach to technology, rare in the IT industry. This led to him being the favorite of his company’s marketing department as they served their global fortune 500 clients with webcasts and other consulting services. It also has led him to being my company’s CIO and trusted business advisor. He designed my website, along with several others — and he occasionally takes in web design for my clients or others who want to get the most for their money. He has a web hosting business on the side as well — each of these activities keep his programming skills fresh, while he moves more into the strategic side of IT.

For more on Joel, check out his website: JoelKnowsIT.com

And, let me introduce my wife, Heather Fougnier:


Heather is bright, enthusiastic — and she is adventurous as well. She has had a fast-moving career with several major corporations, gaining experience in a variety of industries — I’ve just been trailing along with her as we’ve moved from state to state in the U.S. — thank heavens I specialize in distance technology! Heather has always had a can-do attitude and she sees the possibilities for herself, for us and for her clients. I think sometimes that this is what has made her so successful — she can solve just about any problem and helps her clients do the same for themselves.

Heather is one of the healthiest people I’ve ever seen. She exercises regularly, hikes, does yoga, meditates and eats really healthy foods. She believes in the power of the mind for healing the body and I really trust her intuition about people and things. Heather has worked with many people on improving their health in ways that fit their lifestyle, including me!! Heather found out that she was allergic to wheat and sugar a few years ago and since then, she has been studying nutrition, health and wellness from a variety of disciplines: Ayurvedics, macrobiotics, raw foodism, vegetarianism and her favorite, conscious eating. She has taken the best of all of these studies and created an intuitive eating and health program, which is why I think she radiates health. She says she feels 10 years younger and I think she looks it. She is not a proponent of rigid eating styles, which is why I still have cookies and ice cream (and sometimes, even beer!).

Another thing that I am always surprised about is how Heather really “gets” business. She comes up with amazing, creative ideas that often blow me away. I call her the “idea queen” and I know that this is one of the things she likes best about coaching people in business. I’m really impressed by how quickly she got her business up and running. I know she is living her dream because I can see that she has shifted from the type-A personality to a type A+. She is still active and motivated, but there is a peaceful, calm approach to her work now. Kind of like she knows this is what she really loves to do.

For more on Heather, go to her website: SuccessSummits.com

Our Message To You:
We have learned a lot — and we still have a LONG way to go! We are playing the game of life, taking risks, learning from our mistakes and just seeing what happens. We’ve been terrified by our risks, but are doing them anyway. We think there is a formula for living the abundant life and while we don’t know what it is yet, we are starting to get some of the pieces. We’ll include them here and maybe you can help us put the puzzle together? We’d love to learn from you — to create a community of sharing so that we all can experience a better life!

Thanks for visiting our blog — please post your messages and visit us often! We hope we’ll give you some laughs, some things to consider and some ideas for living the simple life!

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