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    If I told you that money really does grow on trees, would you believe me? Would you put on your skeptic’s hat and call me ridiculous, over the edge, breathing too much ocean air?

    At one time, I would have done the latter – full of fear about money, thinking that I had to hang onto my job, save carefully and continue to climb the corporate ladder. In fact, I became an expert at climbing the ladder, securing the bigger paychecks – and feeling like I needed to work harder – take on more pressure – to justify my high salary.

    At some point, I began to question my path, though, as many of us often do. I’d find myself going on vacation and wishing I could just get away from it all – buy a little house somewhere and live off the land, escape. It was hard to admit that the big house, shiny cars, successful job were not fulfilling their promise.

    As many of you know, I recently returned from Carol Tuttle’s Manifesting More Money and Energy Healing 101 Seminars in Sandy, Utah recently.

    Ooops, I Did It Again
    And the funniest thing happened — you’d think I’d be used to this by now. Every time I step foot back home from one of Carol’s seminars — starting with her “Creating The Ultimate Energy Healing Bootcamp” (great for a coaching business, by the way!) — this happens. My business grew again!

    Becoming A Six Figure Coach
    In less than a year after my graduation from the International Coach Academy, I am now a six-figure coach!! I am so grateful to the International Coach Academy for the solid education I received from the amazing facilitors there.

    And I’m incredibly grateful for what I’ve learned from Carol Tuttle — because it is she who helped me create this amazing transformation in my business.

    Water drop
    Well, we finally know what it’s like to run out of water! We went through a dry spell in Saba, with little to no rainfall, which to vacationers, was probably heaven. But to us residents, it was not so exciting. Every day, Joel would go out and check the level of water in our cistern, watching it get lower and lower. For the new readers of our blog, you can learn more about the perils of relying on nature for water in this previous post.

    Conservation Newbies
    Now I admit, we are still neophytes at this water conservation thing. We thought we were doing really well at first, but come to find out, it was unusually wet for the first few months of our tenure as Saba residents. So we have to go back to the drawing board and really learn some new water conservation skills.

    How Big Is Your Cistern?
    As we talked to our more experienced island friends, we realized just how inexperienced we are at living off the land. For example, Cedric told us that in his first house, his family of 4 lived with a 3,000-gallon cistern. To put it in perspective, our cistern is 6,000 gallons – so we have double the water capacity with half the people! Cedric laughed as he reminisced about he and his wife telling the kids, wash your hands – but be careful of the water! When Cedric built his new house, high up in the mountain, he included a 40,000-gallon cistern! No more fears of water shortage there!

    Suzan: Saba's own SPCA!Remember when Joel & I experimented with having a puppy for the weekend? In that post, I had mentioned the Saba SPCA and promised to write about it. Now, keep in mind that we didn’t know Saba had an SPCA – we just stumbled across it, like all other things we learn on this island! I suppose it’s not too hard to stumble across things or people on a 5 square-mile island with only about 1400 inhabitants, but you’d be surprised.

    Family Deli Bakery in The Bottom!Ever dreamed of starting your own restaurant? A well-established restaurant is for sale in Saba! The Family Deli Bakery is well-known for it’s comfortable, casual atmosphere and delicious, affordable food. It is located in The Bottom, Saba’s capital township, where Saba University is located. Imagine all the hungry students? We’ve seen them on Friday’s, which is “lobster night” at Family deli. For $10.00, you get a large half-lobster and all the fixings, which packs them in wall-to-wall.

    Nice Butterfly!You may have seen the pictures of the orange butterflies that Joel took on Mt. Scenery? Well, there are about 27 varieties of butterflies on Saba, not to mention all the species of moths – so given my track record, I won’t definitively say what they are! The orange butterflies behave in ways I’m used to from my limited US-layperson’s observance of butterflies. They flutter along, stop on green flowering plants and tend to sit with open wings. They were also very accepting of the human interlopers that we were, allowing Joel to get some good shots.

    Storm Coming!I think I mentioned this phenomenon in a previous post, but it’s pretty relevant to what just happened to me. As many of you know, Saba is like a big mountain, rising from the sea. Most of my walks are on terrain from 1500 to 2300 feet above sea level, so I have beautiful views of endless ocean. The phenomenon I am referring to is how it rains. From my high vantage point, I can see these amazing storm clouds spewing rain in crystal white and shades of light to dark gray. It’s amazing to watch. Often, it’s out in the distance – maybe over by St. Maarten or St. Kitts. Other times, it gets closer and eventually, makes its way over to Saba.

    No, this is not a post about Britney Spears! Actually, it’s another of my own foibles with identifying plants and animals in Saba. This time, it’s about my own fruit trees. You’d think I’d know what I was eating – especially after two years of eating the fruit from my own trees, but sadly, it isn’t so.

    Remember Cedric, who came and cut the coconuts for us with his trusty machete? Well, Cedric is an experienced organic farmer, in addition to being a master builder. Cedric used to do a lot of farming, using all natural processes, including composting. He sold his vegetables and fruits to the local stores at one time, but not much of this happens anymore. In fact, there are many people who have vegetable and fruit gardens in Saba – many of them growing produce organically, but it is fast becoming done more for personal consumption than wholesaling.

    Joel & Heather at Delicate Arch in Utah!(Note: We’re still in the US taking some classes, going to weddings, etc. We miss Saba and are starting to write again after a long hiatus — lots to tell you about the differences we are noticing being back in “the land of plenty!”)

    I thought I was – things were going so well, but I was plagued with one thing…negativity. For some reason, it kept creeping back into my life. For me, it would show up as stress, doubt and feelings of not accepting myself just as I am. The interesting thing is, I was so calm, peaceful and happy for so long – and then it happened. I started to get busy.

    Taking It Slow
    You may remember that I took the creation of my business slowly, to let go of my old workaholic ways. I created a simpler life in Saba on “island time,” learning to value peace, a slower pace and the beauty of life.

    During this time, I experienced a kind of bliss that I’d never felt before. I nurtured my business and relished being a part of the successes my clients achieved. During this time, I was also a bit scared to commit to anything that would take up my time. Time and health became my two most prized resources.

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    Running Out of Time
    Learning to slow down was difficult, but once I embraced it, I wasn’t really aware of just how afraid I was to lose time. And just how intertwined I believed my time and my health were.

    So as my business started to grow, I began to feel that old familiar stress creep back into my life. I was also surprised to see some of my old work habits slipping back in. While I kept them at bay for the most part, they were still lingering in my subconscious — chipping away at my calm, peace and health.

    Cedric Opens the Coconut with Machete!Yesterday, I came home completely covered in dirt and grime. Joel took one look at me and wondered what I could have possibly gotten myself into. Then he saw the coconuts I had carried in. You’ve heard all about my fruit picking experiences in Saba – this one was much more difficult and a bit precarious, but I was determined!

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