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Saba Earthquake Takes Bill Gates by SurpriseIf coffee isn’t enough to wake you up on a Monday morning, how about an earthquake?

As Joel was pouring his second cup of coffee this morning and I was happily tapping away on my computer, I began to feel a rumbling at around 10:30 am. The door to our bedroom started to shake and my chair along with it.

This was not a cause for alarm, because it was a gentle shaking…the kind that feels like it could come from someone’s overly loud music. You know what I mean, that teenager proud of his new Camero complete with loaded stereo system. As he drives around, he’s king of the road and wants everyone to know it. He treats us all to his latest taste in music. It’s always some kind of head-banging rock and it ALWAYS has lots of bass.

You can hear him long before he comes down the street. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. Your floor shakes. Your house shakes. And you sit in wonder as to how this person will make it to the age of 20 with his hearing intact. (Joel calls them the “hearing aid fast trackers”)

Santa enjoys SabaJoel and I escaped the big winter storm in the Northeast, just in time to experience Christmas in Saba!

I figured that even though Christmas is old news at this point, it would be fun to share our experience this year. I thought this year would include more of the same from last time, but I was wrong on that account. Saba is full of surprises and we had our share this time!

You may recall our first Christmas in Saba, when we went down to the Saba airport to greet Santa, who gave his reindeer the day off and flew Winar to Saba instead. If you recall growing up with department store and Mall Santas, having one fly in by plane is quite a sight. I’d imagine the children of Saba feel quite special to have St. Nick comandeer a whole plane just to visit them for a day.

Saba from a planeJoel and I are back in Saba after being “off island” for WAY TOO LONG!

All we can say is, it’s amazing to be back…and in the same breath, why did we stay away so long? (Yes, we expect to be admonished via this blog and e-mail from disgruntled readers!) The reason is that we both got busy with work and travel, keeping us tethered to the United States and almost tempting us back into the rat race.

The good news is that we resisted temptation and we have re-committed to our “island time” lifestyle with more furor than ever.

We are growing an organic garden in our yard, shifting our work schedules and have even more big and exciting surprises ahead, which we will share as we begin to get back into our tiny Caribbean island lifestyle.